Raja Ravi Varma Paintings in Oil

Raja Ravi varma great painter of kerala India .Oil paintings he learned

(Raja Ravi verma belongs to kerala state , india )

Raja Ravi varma :Painter prince

Raja Ravi varma ,gereat painter of kerala
Raja Ravi varma

Raja Ravi varma Oil Paintings :Indian Oil Paintings

Raja Ravi verma Recieved the Governors Gold Medal at the Madras Exhibition in 1873 & 1874, Gold Medals at the Chicago Exhibition in 1893 & the Kaiser-I-Hind in 1904.Read more about Raja Ravi Varma 's life history

Raja Ravi Varma Paintings are listed below .Click on the link to get enlarged view .Each paintings back ground is explained in details
raja ravi varma paintings in oil Raja Ravi Varma raja ravi varma paintings in oil Maharashtrian Lady by raja ravi varma raja ravi varma paintings in oil Kerala Lady
raja ravivarma paintings in oil Portrait of Ammakovil Thampuran raja ravivarma paintings Beautiful lady Make up Rama breaking Bow to win Sita
rajaravi varma paintings Expectation : Portrait of a North Indian Lady Royal Kerala Lady Ramanadh Rao by raja ravi varma
A lady giving alms to a poor boy rajaravi varma paintings Milk Maid rajaravi varma paintings Half naked Beauty
Child Drinking milk Lady in Moonlight In - Contemplation by raja ravi varma
Draupathi Humiliated by Kauravas by raja ravi varma Mother & Child
Raja Ravi Varma Oil Paintings
Draupati and Simhika in forest Lady Musicians by raja ravi varma Harichandra selling his wife & son to Vishwamitra to cover his dues to him
Portrait of Foreigner Oil painting of king Lady playing Swarbat by raja ravi varma
Gypsies Old Royal Lady with granddaughter Mohini asking Rugmangada to kill his own son
Beauty Half naked Mohini King Santhanu & Matsyagandhi Love by raja ravi varma
Damayanti Talking to Hamsum about Nalan Jatayu Vadham King Shathanu
Raja Ravi Varma Painting Raja Ravi Varma Jayachandra Maharaja's Portrait Painted on Canvas Raja Ravi Varma oil Painting Jatayu Vadham by Ravana by Raja Ravi varma By Raja Ravi Varma Saraswati painting by raja ravi varma
King Shanthanu raja Ravi King Shanthanu varma Ravi Pleasing Shakuntala look back at her love Dushyanthan
Arjuna & Subhadra Prempatra ( Love Letter ) Shakunthala Writing letter to Dushyanta
Krishna meets his parents Reluctant Princess Shakuntala Writing letter
Hi Papa Radha Madhavam Shakunthala Waiting For her love Dushyanthan
Imprisoned lady holding a dagger Attractions Sree Rama's Anger on Varuna
Lady Playing Sitar Garland making Lady Hamsam Swan as messenger by raja ravi varma
Lady playing Swarbat :Sarod - the Indian Lute... Portrait of Village Girl Syrendri
Lady Playing Veena : Painting of Lord Vishnu Darling Child :- Yashoda with Unnikannan by raja ravi varma
Lady with Lamp Water Carrying Lady Lakshmi Devi
Expectation Lord Krishna at Duryodhana's court A small girl giving alms to a poor old woman
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