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King Shanthanu

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The story starts with King Bharat choosing a commoner as the crown prince. He felt that his nine sons were not suitable.

King Shanthanu marries Ganga. Ganga gives birth to 7 chidren, and releases them from their curse, by immediately drowning them.

The 8th Child lives to fulfill his curse. (He is Devarata)

Ganga returns Devarata to Shanthanu. One day while riding Devarat defends Hastinapur from the the aggressive Shalva King

Shanthanu meets Sathiyavathi. Shanthanu asks Sathiyavthi’s father Dasrat for his daughter’s hand. Dasrat wants his grandson to be the crown prince. Shanthanu refuses this proposal. Devarat goes to is this Dasrat? and takes an oath that he will be a bachelor and make Sathiyavathi.s son the crown prince. (Bhishmas oath)

Sathiyavathi names Devarath as Bhisma. Bhisma takes another oath that he will serve anyone who ascends the thrown of Hastinapur Sathiyavathi gives birth to two sons Chitrangan and Vichitraveerya

Chitrangan was crowned as the king. He died in a war. Then Vichitraveerya was crowned as the king. Kasi king’s three daughters(Ambika, Ambalika, Amba) were getting married, He did not want to invite Vichitraveerya, the king of Hastinapur. Bhisma arrives at Kasi and takes all three princes to Hazthinapur. Shalva king stops Bhisma on the way. Bhisma defeats him. Amba tells Sathiyavathi that she wanted to marry Shalva Kumar, the Shalva King. Bhisma sends her back to Shalva Kumar but he refuses to accept her. So she returns to Hastinapur. and said that Bhisma should marry her. But Bhisma refused,since he was bound by an oath.of celibacy. Amba takes an oath that she will be the cause of Bhisma’s death and leaves. Vichitraveerya died of illness. Sathyavathi wanted Bhisma to marry Vivhitraveerya’s wives. But he refuses. Sathyavathi calls Viyasar who is her eldest son, born to Parasar(this happened when Sathyawati was a young girl helping her boatman father in rowing peole across the river). Sage Viyasa was in the jungle doing meditation (Tapas);Sathyavathi asked Viyasar to use his powers to grant children to Ambika and Ambalika. Viyasar tells her to wait for one year, but Sathyavathi insists it be done immediately.. When Ambika sees Viyasar she closed her eyes out of fear.Her child is born blind. While Ambalika gets scared when she sees Viyasar. Hence her child will not be healthy. The maid has a healthy baby. Dhiritharastra, Pandu and Vidur are Ambika, Ambalika and the maid respectively. Dhirithararata gets married to Gandari and Pandu gets married to Kunti. When Kunthi was a young girl Sage Duruvasar gives Kunthi a manthra to summon any god from heaven. She tests the manthra on the sun god. The Sun god comes and gives her a son called Karna.How ever she abandons Karna as a baby to avoid getting a bad name. Pandu extended the borders of Hastinapur. He takes the hand of Madri as his second wife. Pandu and Madiri go horse riding. They meet Rishi Kindam. Sage Kindam blesses Kunthi and Madiri to have good sons.

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