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Krishna meets his parents in jail after killing his uncle kamsa :
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Read more » According to the Hindu scriptures, Lord Krishna came on the earth about 5031 years ago. The purpose behind this was to eliminate the demons, spread the religion, expand the knowledge about the Purna Purushottam (by Geeta's meesage adn by His life on earth as Krishna), play the Leelas and create peace in the society.

Story of Kansa's rule before the birth of Krishna? : In Mathura (northwestern India) there was a king name Kansa. To become a king, Kansa imprisoned his father and other honest ministers. Kansa was a strong and powerful ruler. He wanted to be immortal (yes, it is funny but many people want that, true?) and so wanted to takeover the Indralok. In his rule, people were unhappy, army was out of control and worship of Narayan was a challenge to the king. During the marriage ceremony of Kansa's sister Devki with Vasudev, there was a skyspeech to warn Kansa about his death confirmed by Devki's 8th son, Purna Purushottam Lord Krishna Himself. This skyspeech made Kansa so rude that he was ready to kill his sister right there. Vasudev's request for forgiveness didn't work at that time. Finally Vasudev's assurance about giving his kids to Kansa right at the birth worked. Kansa imprisoned Devki and Vasudev.

Story about birth: Devaki's six innocent childs were already killed by her brother, kansa. The seventh child, Balrama was transported to Rohini's womb secretely. As of Kansa' knowledge, the seventh child died in the womb. As the number was going closer to eight, Kansa was more and more afraid and he arranged a tight security around the couple. Finally, it was the time for the eighth child, lord Krishna. Parents were afraid that this eighth child will also be killed by mama kansa. The guards were strictly warned to inform kansa as soon as Devki gives birth to eighth child. According to Indian calendar, It was Shravan Vad Aatham's (July 19, 3028 B.C.) midnight and lord Narayan took birth through Devki's garbha. The parents were happy, but it was only for few seconds; they were afraid that Kansa will come and kill this innocent child too. Simple parents were not aware of the fact that this was Narayan Himself and Kansa cannot hurt Him. Unusual things started to happen: Guards fall asleep, chains (bonding Vasudev and Devki) freed, prison doors opened, lightning and rain started and all of a sudden there was a skyspeech telling Vasudev to take new born child to Gokul at Nandji (Vasudev's friend)'s home and bring Nandji's new born baby girl to the prison. Following skyspeech, Vasudev placed Narayan in a small nested wooden bowl (topli) and putting bowl on the head he started walking towards Gokul. Due to heavy rain there was a heavy flood in Yamuna river, but Vasudev continued crossing the river. Finally, the water became so high that it touched baby's little feet. As the water touched Baby feet, it started to go down and made way for Vasudev to cross the river. Just like mother Yamuna was eager to touch Hari's feet. There was Sheshnag protecting baby from the rain and wind.

Lord had everything arranged. Nandji's wife, Yashoda recently gave a birth to a girl. Lord had already explained the plan (By coming in a dream) to Nandji. When Vasudev knocked Nandji's door, Nandji gladly welcomed him and gave him new born girl. Yashoda was in a deep sleep, unaware of the fact that she gave a birth to a girl. Leaving Krishna at Gokul, Vasudev walked back to Mathura. Right after Vasudev reached the jail, chains tied the couple again, doors got locked and guards woke up. Seeing a baby in Devki's lap, guards ran to inform Kansa. Scared of the death, Kansa came to the jail to kill the eighth baby. Just like he did to seven babies, Kansa grabbed the baby and threw her on the wall. This was Mata Yogmaya herself as a new born baby, following Narayan's order. Instead hitting the wall, the baby disappeared in the sky warning Kansa of the fact that Devki's eighth son has born and is being raised in Gokul.

Next day in Gokul: Yes, the lord is now in Gokul, a small village in India. People of Gokul are very happy seeing their village leader (Mukhiya of the village) having a baby boy after long time of marriage. Saying that lord came in their dream and is asking for milk, butter, yogurt and sweets, Gopis (milkmaid girls) are bringing these for the baby. People are dancing, singing, "nand gher anand bhayo jay kanaiya lalki, jay kanaiya lalki hathi-ghoda palkhi" while throwing gulal(red color powder) on one another. Nand-Yashoda are donating cows to the brahmins. Mother Yashoda is swinging baby in little golden swing. Gokulvasi are eager to catch a glimpse of a baby. The sound of the ceremony is so loud that it is reaching all the way to Mathura.

Childhood in Gokul: In his full form, lord krishna is giving full chance of service to Gokulvasis. He is protecting Gokulvasis from the demons. Kansa' all the efforts such as sending Putna and other demons to kill Devki's eighth son were deminished. Lord was playing with his friends just like an ordinary boy. Cowherd, butterthief, naughty, loving nandlal was the heart of Gokul. The plays of the Lord during childhood are most favorite for most devotees and many sect including Vaishnavas recite them frequently.

Govardhandhari: There was a continuous drought for 2-3 years in Gokul. Thinking that this might be an anger of Devraj, Indra, villagers decide to perform a Yagna (a religious activity) to please Devendra. Arguing the fact that God can never get angry on his devotees, Krishna opposed this activity. Krishna suggested to worship Mount Govardhan and cows who are actually helping us in surviving. Since Krishna was only 4-5 year old baby, it was hard to convinve people, but finally people listened Him. Not performing a Yagna made Devendra feel like an insult. Devraj's ego was hurt and so he decided to give a flood to Gokulvasis. But how can someone hurt those who are protected by Narayan Himself! Continuous rain drove a flood in Gokul. Finally, Krishna decided to lift Govardhan mountain. All the people and animals passed 7 days under this shelter. Finally, Devendra was tired and he realized his mistake. Thus Krishna was also called Giridhar or Govardhandhari.

Killing Kansa: As it was claimed by the skyspeech, Lord Krishna, kills evil kansa mama (maternal uncle) at a young age and thus He frees people from Kans's torturing and establishes peace in Mathura by bringing Ugrasen (Kansa's father) back as king.

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